Patricia Makokis presents in the Lougheed College Lectures

March 03, 2022 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM


Serve with Humility: 领导 is Action, Not Position!

Mobilizing change can be as simple as one step at a time, one walk at a time, 和 one person at a time. Dr. Makokis will speak about her leadership journey, going back to the mid 1990’s when she started formally studying leadership. That academic journey gave her the opportunity to include Indigenous ways of leading, which means leading collaboratively, with compassion, 和善良. Fast forward to 2021, when the leadership gurus write about leading with intuition, collaboration, 和 shared leadership. So, is the new really the old?

Studying leadership helped Dr. Makokis validate, affirm 和 make space for Cree ways of leading as taught to her by Elders. 领导 is a lifelong learning journey that we are all called into, together. We are all related as red, yellow, black 和 white family—all my ally relations. In this presentation, Dr. Makokis will give you tools to harness the power of your community to work together 和 mobilize change.


About Patricia Makokis

Dr. Patricia Makokis studied leadership at the University of San Diego, graduating with a Doctor of 教育 degree in 2000. Her major was leadership. Over the years, Dr. Makokis has developed 和 taught leadership courses 和 workshops for Tribal Colleges, universities, government 和 industry. She is a speaker with the Speakers Bureau of Canada 和 sees herself as a grassroots servant leader. In 2009 she received the alumni leadership award from USD 和 was recognized for her leadership work.

Her latest ventures include teaming up with Brad Leitch 和 Scott MacDougall in the production of treaty – ally films. 看到的: She credits that work to leadership teachings of Elder mentors in her life, some still on this earth plane, others now in the spirit realm.


About the Series

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